If you downloaded earlier versions of SurvConf (prior to 7/15/2022), please make sure to download SurvConf v3.10 below. If you downloaded SurvConf v3.00, please see page 4 of up-to-date SurvConf instructions to check what has changed in v3.10.

We DO NOT recommend using cloud proxy through Agora any more, as Agora started charging users $500 per month for this functionality. Please see SurvConf Instruction for other options to deal with institutional firewalls.

For any questions, please reach out to


We provide SurvConf as an open-source tool without restrictions for use. However, if you use SurvConf, we ask that you cite the following two articles (the first is on SurvConf and the second is on SMARTRIQS, which SurvConf leverages to assist with participant matching):

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Instructions (Read these first)

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  1. Given that SurvConf relies on multiple external services (AWS, Agora, HEROKU, SMARTRIQS), we cannot guarantee that the SurvConf will always be running. As a result, we suggest that you always pilot test your surveys immediately before running them to confirm functionality.
  2. Given we do not have access to any of the data you collect, and SURVCONF relies on third party services to function, we make no personal promises with regard the privacy of the data that you collect. You should review the privacy and data policies of all services upon which SURVCONF relies on (AWS, Agora, HEROKU, SMARTRIQS) to ensure they meet the standards set by your institution’s IRB/ethics board for your studies.
  3. SurvConf is not currently optimized for smartphone use. Although SurvConf does work on some (but not all smartphones) we advise against allowing participants to use smartphones as: a) some participants will not be able to properly access their smartphones video camera via SurvConf within a survey, and b) the participant experience of engaging in a multiple person video call will be fundamentally different on a smartphone (e.g., where not all other matched participant videos are visible and/or are much smaller). By default, SurvConf does not restrict smartphone users from participating, in case you wish to include them, but if you would like to restrict smartphone users from entering the survey, this page provides details on how to do so

For any issues and questions regarding the program and its functionalities, please reach out to